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What is the meaning of Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Before taking a loan, it is important to know everything about the loan, then it is good to know how to calculate the loan and annual percentage rate, the calculation of the loan amount considers relevant fees and charges that are completely relevant to a loan along with the nominal interest rate.

The calculation takes consistent fees and charges that are completely relevant to a loan amount along with the simple interest rate, also it will not take any additional amount into account when calculating the actual cost of the loan amount.

To know more about the APR annual percentage rate of your loan, you can use our free online APR calculator.


The above information is for demonstrative purposes only and the exact terms may vary, it all depends on several areas along with the loan terms and different policies at the time of loan application. All loans are approved by the responsible for DPAL.

How to use APR calculator

Follow the below steps of a loan calculator:

  • Enter your loan amount in rupees.
  • Enter the rate of the interest loan amount
  • Enter the tenure in months
  • Enter the amount of the additional fee

What is Annual Percentage Rate or APR calculated?

Not one but there are many factors that come into play when taking out a loan, also these orders should be aligned to make sure that there is no serious impact on your long-term finances.

The APR is calculated by considering the following factors:

  • Loan Amount – How much does the applicant plan to borrow
  • Fees and Charges – All applicable fees and charges are required to be paid to the financial lender to service the loan
  • Rate of Interest – The interest rate applicable on the loan as imposed by the chosen lender
  • Term – The number of months or years that have been designated as the repayment period.

The importance of APR

The importance of APR is an important tool that helps the prospective loan and check the actual cost of borrowing. In many cases, the financial lenders generally do not open the total cost and only advertise the rate of interest. APR is an extremely beneficial computation method when loan applicants are taking a loan with long-term repayment tenures, and it depends on the part of the overall cost.